TICKET - Meditation with Natalia Bojanic


TICKET - Meditation with Natalia Bojanic

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Natalia Bojanic of the Sexy Mind Movement is joining us for a healthy dose of calm on your Saturday morning. Natalia is a qualified meditation teacher whose experience and training spans across time spent in Nepalese monasteries to the corporate world with the Google Search Inside Yourself program. 

The session will comprise of discussion and intention-setting and will conclude with a guided meditation.  Our focus will be on cultivating gratitude as in order to be truly happy, we must realise and be thankful for the richness of our lives. Meditation is a truly transformative process through which we can train our brains, the most attractive part of ourselves, to bring in more gratitude, positivity and calm and less fear and self-doubt.

In this 60-minute class, Natalia will teach the process and approach of analytical meditation, which focuses on reasoning and self-analysis in order to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and ultimately to lead more meaningful lives.

Tickets are £10, class begins promptly at 9 am on Saturday 10th February.


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