de Mamiel

Taking inspiration from Chinese medicine, acupuncturist and healing facialist Annee de Mamiel’s believes that beauty regimes should rejuvenate the mind as well as the skin. 

Seasonal Facial Oils were the first products in the de Mamiel line, born out of Annee’s facial acupuncture treatments which involve using oils she blends according to each individuals' constitution. Clients loved the blends so much, they began to request bottles to take home for themselves and for gifts. This inspired Annee to create Seasonal Facial Oils, targeted to help cope with the seasonal shifts which affect us all. These beautifully crafted limited edition oils, are made four times a year to address the changing effect of the climate, the emotional aspects of transition and their impact on the body. Full of carefully selected, precious, fragrant essences and skin plumping plant ingredients from the purest natural organic sources, the blends nourish skin, mind and soul to achieve balance and harmony. Seasonal Facial Oils are available at the Solstice or Equinox of each new beginning.


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